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Disclaimer: There is no assurance that any resource or activity I've found or described will be as 'accessible' as you might need. Information or links may be out of date. Use the information at your own risk and be sure to check with your health care professional for exercise advice.

Just like Mount Shasta isn't actually in Shasta County, Lassen Peak isn't in Lassen County - but you can see it! Lassen County has lots of timber land in Lassen National Forest, but it also has a lot of 'east side' terrain which is sort of high desert. Thus there is a huge variety of wildlife within the 4,720 square miles of county.

lassen sage

Lassen County has plenty of recreation opportunities, but wheelchair and rolling walker 'accessibility' has not been high on the priority list. You can help change that, just by coming to Lassen County and wheeling around. (Eagle Lake potentially has the best opportunities for wheelers.) For these truly rural counties, all-terrain mobility rolling walkers are a huge help. Without all terrain gear your options will be much more limited in terms of doing things beyond Scenic Drives.

Believe me, the Scenic Drives alone are worth the trip, but to enjoy getting out and about, an all-terrain device will be extremely liberating.

If you want to experience all that Lassen County has to offer and you need ADA wheelchair accessible accommodations, then Susanville will be the town to choose for optimal hotel options. Of course many people vacation using RVs. Camping is always an option.

For wheelchair or rollator camping, your best bet for ADA facilities will be private campgrounds. For Lassen National Forest the best developed campgrounds with accessibility features will likely be at Eagle Lake. BLM also has a campground at Eagle Lake. Conditions change seasonally, and a number of great campgrounds were out of service for 2017 due to the severity of spring storms. For your peace of mind I urge you to call the responsible agency or vendor as a part of your trip planning.

If you have very limited mobility - or no access to an all-terrain device, one of the great ways to enjoy Lassen County is through taking 'scenic drives'. Most of the scenic drives can be accomplished as a day trip or as a part of a loop. Take some time and look through the various scenic drive brochures.

Fall can be a particularly beautiful time of year here. Areas along the Biz Johnson Trail can develop spectacularly colorful foliage as does Lassen National Park. Spring is equally gorgeous when the new leaves and wildflowers arrive. And winter has lots of lovely snow. Lassen County is great for photographers any time of the year!

Lassen County Visitors Guide 2018 Online Edition or PDF.

Visiting Lassen County

There are lots (and lots, and lots) of places yet to be reviewed and I am unlikely to get to them all. So that others may find some new places, I've compiled a draft list of locations that may be wheelchair accessible. These are POSSIBILITIES, no certainties. Some places may be complete duds. ATTENTION: this is a ROUGH draft list - mostly for my own use, so if you use this draft list, lower your expectations and do your homework! DRAFT LASSEN COUNTY ACCESSIBLE RECREATION LIST

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