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Hat Creek County Park

Thought for today: Philippians 4:8 ..Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things..
Disclaimer: There is no assurance that any resource or activity I've found or described will be as 'accessible' as you might need. Information or links may be out of date. Use the information at your own risk and be sure to check with your health care professional for exercise advice.

Directions: From Redding, Shasta County's Hat Creek Park is east of Burney on Highway 299E east of the intersection with Highway 89. Watch closely for some white cliffs and the turn lane into the little park. It's easy to miss.

Hat Creek Park

Whether this is your goal for the day or a stop on the way, this little gem is just wonderful.

Hat Creek County Park is a day use only area. There is a lovely stretch of Hat Creek, with a wheelchair accessible fishing platform, ADA restrooms, and well shaded picnic area. People come there to practice their fly fishing casting techniques - or teach their kids how to cast. We stopped there to picnic - and so I could take practice photos.

There is a short concrete paved path from the paved parking lot to the fishing platform. While the paved parking area is not exactly flat, it's do-able with most mobility devices. If you want to go onto the grassy areas adjacent to Hat Creek, you'll need to find a space big enough to pass your mobility device through as the county used large boulders to separate the grassy areas from the pavement. Also, it would be possible to simply roll off the grassy zones into flowing water of Hat Creek and getting back out could be quite difficult. Be very careful if you choose to go near the creek bank edge.

Hat Creek park Fishing Platform

Still, this is an extremely pretty and relaxing location. Lots of locals stop here to either picnic, practice fly fishing, or use the restrooms. Hat Creek is quite wide and placid in this stretch - much different than the torrential stream higher up. I think the fishing regulations here are catch and release. There are lovely flowers in spring, and it's just a really, really nice little park. We often include a stop just to enjoy the sight of the water and take a walk on the concrete ramps.

Picnic areas


fishing from creek edge

*There are lots (and lots, and lots) of places yet to be reviewed and I am unlikely to get to them all. So that others may find some new places, I've compiled a draft list of locations that may be wheelchair accessible. These are POSSIBILITIES, no certainties. Some places may be complete duds. ATTENTION: this is a ROUGH draft list - mostly for my own use, so if you use this draft list, lower your expectations and do your homework! DRAFT SHASTA COUNTY ACCESSIBLE RECREATION LIST

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